He Wasn’t Just a Kid That Fell Off of a Bridge.

Warren Belcher

His name was Warren Belcher.

And he was amazing to everyone, I can see in my head people crying all over town. Mourning the loss of absolute cool.

He always smiled, even if he was yelling. His smile was beautiful.

I knew him long before his Bartending Days.

I met Warren when I was transferd from School to School. I went to alot of different schools when I was a little kid, and finally landed at Columbia High.

I met Warren at Shenedehowa. We sat next to each other in English class. In the 7th and 8th grade. He was a strange mix of Goth, wore black a lot, and had an “I just have to get out of her attitude”. I shared the same attitude, being queer and in the front row.

Every time the teacher said “Pair Up”, we would just automatically slide our desks next to each other. We didn’t want to work with anyone else, they didn’t get it. Or us.

Our short stories were always a tad bit dark, and Warren always wanted to do a scary one. It always involved a strange touch of dark. The kid was right up my alley. We liked Freddie Krueger.

He had friends outside of our English class, and I didn’t. He was my friend in English, and in the hallway he would always say “Hi Loren”…..instead of the standard “Faggot” some asshole jock would yell.

I left Shenendahowa and went to Columbia High School.

I never really forgot about how nice Warren was to me, because they were few and far between.

Years later, I walked into Waterworks for Karaoke. The Bartender turned to me and I said “Warren?”. He said “Hi Loren”. Coming around from the back of the bar to give me a hug. And we got to be friends for a few more years.

Its been a while since that day, and we talked about the strange papers we wrote. And how we always managed to get a good grade on our essays.

To Warrens Parents, I’m at a lack of words, but please know that Warren was always kind. He was always a sweetheart with a lip ring. And he was one of my only friends in the 7th and 8th grade…..because he knew I needed it.

Sarah, I am deeply sorry for your loss. It must be on a level that none of the other commenters must be feeling.

Warren, You remained cool until the moment you were gone.

So, Warren Belcher : I hope you have a safe trip home. You’ll be sorely missed. It’s always the cool ones who leave us first, there are lots of people here to mourn your loss, and show some gratitude for the life you lead.

Always, Loren Serritella

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31 thoughts on “He Wasn’t Just a Kid That Fell Off of a Bridge.

  1. I don’t know you or Warren but I heard about this from a lesbian friend/customer of mines at Smiths Wine & Liquor. AND I myself really feel bad for this!! He has my condolence.
    I just googled him and I read your story and I had to click on this link from the times union page. I’m pretty sure your story hits each and everybody deeply inside!! SHOTS TO WARREN!!!!

  2. I didn’t know him, but I am truly sorry for the loss of a good friend to you! I couldn’t imagine the pain any of you feel right now. My condolences go out to you, his family, and his girlfriend!! I will keep all of you in my prayers.

  3. i did not know warren but i am deeply sorry that he is no longer in this world. from what i have read he was the kind of person that did not meet a stranger but always met a friend. May he rest in the arms of the angels and my your community find peace and comfort in knowing such a wonderful person as warren.

  4. He is my nephew. What a sweet young man. I have known him his entire life. He will be missed. I pray to God for peace and comfort for Monica, Warren II, Kelly and Bill and Billy, Dana, Sarah and Kaleb.

  5. Thank you. Everyone deserves to know what an amazing person this world lost yesterday. Whether you knew Warren for a day or years, you couldn’t ignore how amazing he was. He was so carasmatic and genuine. Our family member, friend, bartender, and ally left us yesterday, but I know our community won’t let his memory fade.

    We miss you!

  6. I never had the honor and pleasure of meeting Warren in person. We were FB friends. I have been moved deeply by the comments I’ve red here about Warren. Clearly, he was a greatly loved guy and that only happens to people who have loved everyone in his life.

    I don’t know what Warren’s family has planned for his funeral. However, if it takes place in a Roman Catholic church, it is not likely that there will be any mention of the fact that he was part of his beloved GLBT community.

    I am the Bishop and Pastor of Holy Trinity National Catholic Church in Albany. We are an affirming, inclusive Church where LBGT people are fully accepted. If any of you might be interested in having a Memorial Service for Warren within the GLBT community, whether at Rocks or another location, I stand ready to offer my services in planning a service with you and leading it.

    May the God of all Consolation ease the pain of your loss withe the sure and certain hope that you will see Warren again.

    Peace and Blessings to All,

    The Most Rev. Richard G. Roy, OSJD
    Pastor of Holy Trinity Parish

  7. Loren,
    I did’nt know Warren until I read what you posted and then felt as if I did. I recently lost my own son and I can tell you that there is no greater tribute than having people remember him for the beautiful person he was. You may never realize what a gift you have given to the grieving loved ones left behind by putting into words what a truly kind and remarkable person Warren was. I am willing to bet that in just the same way that you are grateful for the kindness and care Warren brought into your life that he is looking down from the great beyond grateful to you as well for giving comfort by your words to his grieving family and friends. A special friendship indeed.
    Take care.

  8. From my first time at Waterworks to this New Years Eve, I never saw Warren give service without a smile. I would not call myself a close friend of his, just one of the many who can honestly say that he made Waterworks a more welcoming place. My thoughts and prayers go out to his close friends and family. R.I.P. Warren.

  9. God is real. Simple as that. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not asking you to believe in a picture on a wall of a bearded man with long hair with a kind soft smile. I’m not saying the crucifix, the rosary, or kneeling in a pew is where you will find God. Instead I believe one absolute truth that God lives in each one of us. Everyday. Everytime someone offers a kind word, or commits a generous act….God is there, within each piece of goodness in everyday life. If we all can agree, then God also has angels. I’m not speaking of white floating winged beings in robes. I mean those that just are good people. The people that every time we encounter them in our day, they leave us with a smile, feeling better, feeling loved, feeling appreciated, feeling worth while. Those are God’s angels. They are all around us, We all know one, two, or if we are lucky many in our own lives that make us feel good everytme We are struggling. Last night sadly we lost one of Gods finest. The lark street community tragically lost a dear friend Warren Belcher. He will be missed by so many. Life is short. Warren’s good heart touched many people, and it is very sad He has been taken from so many that He brought smiles to.

  10. Departed this world way to soon. You may be gone, but trust me when I say that none of us will ever forget you. We all love you Warren!

  11. Loren, this is beautiful. Excellently written, while showing its from the heart. Truer words will never be spoken about Warren, and his personality. Stay strong friends. He is watching over us all.

  12. Loren, as always you said something moving and generous…….and 100 percent true. You painted his picture so well. I will pray for his Family and His Friends. Deaths like these, aren’t easy. Pull together, and you’ll be alright.

  13. You will truly be MISSED by me an a MILLION other :'( Watch over us hon :'(

    LOVE YEA… Anistasia Lovless aka Jason M. Baumgaertel

  14. You will be missed by me an a Million others Warren :'( Please watch over all of us hon :'(

    LOVE YEA… Anistasia Lovless aka Jason Baumgaertel <3 :'(

  15. I never knew this guy. I wish I had the chance to get to know him. He seems really sweet. My heart goes out to all who have suffered from the loss of Warren. God will take care of him. His soul is pure and kind. May Warren continue to live in every one of your hearts. God bless everyone of you.

  16. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
    Where there is injury, pardon.
    Where there is doubt, faith.
    Where there is despair, hope.
    Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness, joy.
    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
    to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive.
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
    and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

  17. You hit it perfectly I was able to know Warren and was kinda shocked when instead of giving the manly hug he pulled me in and gave me a real hug. After these past few years knowing him he would pull me in to give me a hug and a peck on my cheek. I remember the first time he did this and I jerked away and was confused. What I realized was he was one of a kind and I was able to accept this amazing man giving me a kiss on my cheek. I may never find another man this awesome in my life ever again. I know if another straight man pulls me in and gives me a hug and peck on my cheek that it will be him.

    Your story is amazing and I can picture it exactly thank you for the tears and the smile knowing he touched someone else as much as he touched my heart.

  18. Today is a sad day!! We lost a great man today Warren Belcher !!!
    Words can not even come close to describe what an incrediable Man, Friend, Dancer, Comedian Warren Belcher was!!! You were the most caring, considerate, gentle person, on this earth!!!! You were an icon for what a man should be like!!!! You were the most respectful honest person that i have ever met!!!! Love ya Buddy and i know that you are going to be mixing your most famous drinks in a better place!!!! You are going to be missed !!! And you can never be Replaced!!!! Love for you always!!!

  19. Short. Sweet. And Stunning. You described him amazingly well. And it was also beautiful that you gave us insight as to how he was when he was just a “Kid”.

    Thank You Loren. I wish you and all of your friends peace ina time like this.

  20. He was beautiful, Your story was beautiful, And I hope his parents, Family, and Friends find some comfort in knowing he was such a fantastic guy.

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